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We are an established country school with a family-friendly, community-minded team of students, whānau & staff. Gladstone School aims to provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive,  environment where all people are empowered to succeed.  We look forward to helping you connect with us.

Ngā manaakitanga.



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School Lunch Options – Monday & Friday’s

Thu Feb 02 11:00am

Please find information below on the options to purchase kai at school on Mondays and Fridays.




Ruamahanga start of year Slide show presentation

Tue Jan 31 01:46pm

Please have a look at the Slideshow below if you have a child or children in the Ruamahanga Hub.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow.

Ruamahanga slideshow

Beginning Of The Year Reminders

Tue Jan 31 12:32pm

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow (Wednesday 1st Feb). School starts at 8:55am. Here are a few reminders for the next two days:

– Remember your sun hats and swimming togs. 

– Students go to their classrooms for the roll (including all new students). 

– New whānau gather outside the hall ready for the mihi whakatau. (start time approx 9:05) You will move into the hall together when you are called in (we will help with this). 

– On the way out of the hall new whānau place their rock at the Ahi Kaa and then everyone gathers on the rubber matting for a cup of tea/kai to conclude the mihi whakatau process.

– Students will go to morning tea break while adults finish their cup of tea. 

– The whānau picnic is from 5pm also tomorrow (Wednesday). Please put your plates of kai (either sweet or savoury) on the tables which will be set up under the trees by the classrooms. We will say a few words and do introductions at 5:30 followed by shared kai – please ask your children not to start until that time. Families can bring a few snacks too and their own drinks. 

Beach Education Trips: Year 6 Thurs 2nd Feb; Year 4/5 Fri 3rd Feb. Please let us know if you are able to come as a parent help.  Year 7/8 go next week on Wed 8th Feb. 

Waitangi Day: School is closed on Monday the 6th of Feb as it is Waitangi Day. 

Gladstone Club Tennis – Term 1 update 

Mon Jan 30 10:33am

We are very excited to present our term 1 coaching options, & junior interclub team entries are now open. All info is in the attached form, & please fill out by Weds 1st Feb. 

*Junior Tennis Coaching
We have continued our junior coaching on both Monday and Thursday afternoons. Players will be able to do one or two lessons per week.

*Junior Interclub: Entry level grade play Tuesdays , Intermediate & Championship play Fridays. 
Please confirm your child’s interest by Weds, as entries close Friday. 

*Adult Coaching
We are hoping to be able to offer a Cardio Tennis session at Gladstone so please let us know if you would be interested in this. Cardio Tennis features fast-paced doubles drills where participants hit lots of balls in point play scenarios while getting a great workout.

*After-School Care
In conjunction with our junior coaching, we are looking at offering after-school care to help parents that are unable to get to the club. We need to gauge interest first and we will need to ensure we are able to provide a high-quality service before we can roll this out. It may be possible to deliver this in term 1 if there is sufficient interest.

Please fill out the below google form for any coaching, interclub and tennis interest. 

Follow Gladstone Tennis club Facebook and Instagram pages for all updates. 

Gladstone Tennis Club 

Link: https://forms.gle/3EAatppUBLjA6N8t9

Tennis – Google Form

Beach Education trips

Sun Jan 29 07:42pm

A big thank you to the parents that have offered to help with our Beach Ed trips.

We still need 3 more parent helpers for Thursday 2 Feb with the Year 6 group and 2 more parents for Friday 3 Feb with the Year 4 and 5 group.

Please email Chelsea on chelsea@gladstone1.school.nz if you are able to help.

Thank you.





Beach Ed for Y4/5 & Y6. We desperately need parent helpers, please? Please contact Chelsea if you can help next week. Info attached:

Fri Jan 27 02:35pm


Parent helper Form for Beach Ed

Y6 Beach Ed

Y4/5 Beach Ed

Y7/8 Beach Ed

Te Wharau Bus. This bus will run as normal on Thursday, 2nd February. There was some confusion, as signs indicated the road would be closed.

Fri Jan 27 02:32pm

GoBus has assured us that they have spoken to the authorities and the bus will be let through

Holiday Update #2 – 27th January 2023

Fri Jan 27 08:56am

We would like to send out a special ‘good luck, we are thinking of you’ message to our wonderful 2022 leavers and those moving onto other schools. We wish you the absolute best start at your new schools and hope to hear how things are going in the coming weeks – remember to keep those Gladdy connections alive.

Please see our 2nd Holiday Update for information about the Whānau Picnic on Wednesday the 1st Feb from 5pm, additional visual art and singing classes and Beach Education Trips among other things. 

Have a lovely weekend – see you all on Wednesday. 

Holiday Update #2 – 27.1.23

Holiday Update – 17 Jan 2023

Tue Jan 17 03:27pm

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school on Wednesday the 1st of February. Please find our holiday update linked below.   Make a note of the Whānau Picnic also on the 1st of Feb from 5pm. Details in the update. Holiday Update – 17/1/23


Week 9, Term 4 2022 Newsletter

Fri Dec 16 01:35pm

Please find our final newsletter for 2022. Rest, relax and enjoy the summer break. 


Week 9, Term 4 2022 Newsletter

Week 9 Reminders

Sun Dec 11 02:31pm

Hopefully you are all enjoying this lovely summer day. Please see below a few reminders for the last week of school. 

Mon12/12 – FoGs Lunches (Mason)

Wed 14/12 – Year 8 Leavers Dinner. 6:00pm @ the Gladstone Sports Complex. 

Thurs 15/12 – Last day of school. Prize giving assembly. 9:30am in the school hall.  Buses will be leaving school at 12:30pm doing their usual routes. 

Please remember to phone in any end of the day car or bus arrangements.  Many thanks. 

Week 8, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Dec 09 01:51pm

Please find this week’s newsletter linked below. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read through the enclosed information, acknowledgements and celebrations from this week as well as a look ahead to next week. 

Week 8 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

End of Year Prize Giving Assembly – Thursday 15th December 2022.

Tue Dec 06 03:29pm

Prizegiving assembly will start at 9:30am in the school hall next Thursday the 15th. We have 21 fabulous Year 8’s finishing this year. Seats are reserved for Year 8 families (it would be helpful if you could let us know how many seats to set aside for your Year 8’s whanau – including grandparents and siblings). Please email Belinda. 

We will run for an hour and then break for a stretch of the legs & morning tea before resuming for another hour. We will be finished by 12:00. 

Kourarau will organise their students so that they can be part of as much of the assembly as the little ones can manage.  

Star of the year presentations are for Y0-6 students. If your child is receiving one of these or another award and they are not a Year 7/8, we will notify you so that you can attend prize giving. 

We are mindful that we have a large group of Year 8’s. It will be a long assembly but to give these students the opportunites they deserve we will be allowing them to speak as usual. It is a long standing tradition that we will be maintaining. 

Week 8 Reminders

Sun Dec 04 12:53pm

We are about to embark on Week 8 of the term. A reminder that we finish at 12:30 on Thursday the 15th of December (buses will be running at this time).   There is a final school assembly on Friday at which we present leavers certificates to those students who are not in Year 8 and who will not be returning. If you haven’t let us know that your children are not returning, please do so, so that we can include them.  Parents are welcome to come to this assembly, it starts at 9:30am. 


Monday – BoT meeting 6pm

Tuesday – Regional Athletics. Any help running our food stall would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Belinda. 

Wednesday – Pack the Bus; End of Year Reports going home; Principal Outing (please contact Belinda if you child is coming and you can assist). 

Thursday – 2nd Year 3 & 6 transition visit. 

Friday – Final whole school assembly (9:30am)

Christmas Gift Ideas

Fri Dec 02 04:04pm

We have a few fantastic offers on to sell the last of our stock from the fair.  

Money raised is going toward Onoke camp costs so we really appreciate your support.

Offer 1
X3 bee wax wraps – comes in a range of beautiful designs and will make a perfect Christmas gift.  These are an awesome price as the company offered us a great deal – $25 per pack


Offer 2 
Bee wax Cheese bags – this were so popular when we ran the fundraiser earlier in the year and on fair day – $14 each 


Offer 3 
Environmentally friendly kitchen products: 
4x produce bags  – $10 
1x biodegradable scrub pad $3.50
Biodegradable dish cloth $$3.50
Biodegradable dish scrub $4.50
Biodegradable veggie scrub $4.50
1x large tote bag $8 

Packet of coloured silicone straws with cleaner $10 


All these products sold so well on fair day and will make a wonderful gift for friends and family. 

Please contact liz to place orders. 0278400700/ lizarthan@hotmail.com

Week 7 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Dec 02 01:32pm

Kia ora. Please find this weeks newsletter linked below. In it you will find information about dates; new students; student toilet project; latest ANZ Histories kōrero (talk); school pool hire for the summer aka pool ‘keys’; assembly; camp; tennis tournaments; holiday programmes; raffle winners and more. 

Thanks to those who are able to spare a couple of hours on Sunday to help with our firewood working bee (7:30am – 9:30am). 

Week 7 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Touch Rugby

Wed Nov 30 08:30pm

Last games of touch for the term are tomorrow.

$10 will be added to your school account to cover the fees for the term.

Year 3/4 and 5/6 teams are playing at 3.45

Year 7/8 team playing at 4.45

See you there.

Regional Athletics Fundraiser – Next Tuesday

Wed Nov 30 11:47am

We have been offered a spot doing some sort of food fundraiser at the Regional Athletics next Tuesday. We thought that any profits could go towards the syndicate camps for next year. Are there any parents and/or secondary students who would be willing and able to run the stall for the day? Please get in touch with Belinda – principal@gladstone1.school.nz if able and we will work out a plan.   

We totally understand just how busy it is at the moment so won’t be asking for baking contributions, rather we will do things that can be put together on the day. Fernridge are also doing a stall and having sausages + ice blocks so we will try and do something different if possible. 

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

Mon Nov 28 05:09pm

Please remind your children that they are not allowed to bring candy canes, sweets, chocolates or anything of this nature to school – including inside Christmas cards for their friends. Please organise this outside of school if needed. 

Please organise the exchange of any secret-santa type gifting between friends at home. 

Thank you in advance for your help with this. 

As a whānau you may wish to contribute a gift for the ‘Pack the Bus’ collection happening on Wednesday the 7th of December. 

Week 7 Reminders

Sun Nov 27 01:13pm

Kia ora. Congratulations to these lucky winners who have won the following prizes in the recently drawn Scarecrow Raffle:

1st Prize (Esther Bunning Portrait Session) – Josephine Buscher (ticket sold by Elsie Patrick)

2nd Prize (Load of Firewood) – Kate Jones (ticket sold by Kyno Gleeson)

3rd Prize (Wool Blanket) – Mike @ Harvest.com (ticket sold by Aidan King)

4th Prize (Gladstone Inn Vouchers) – Mitch Blackwood (ticket sold by Isla Blackwood)

5th Prize (Pony Trek) – Kat Harris (ticket sold by Aiden & Lucy Harris)

The most number of tickets sold was by Aidan King (86) followed by the Mason family (70).

Please find a list of reminders for this coming week. 

Tuesday 29/11 – 2023 transition afternoon. Students from Years 3 & 6 will be spending the afternoon in their 2023 syndicate as part of our transition process. 

Friday 2/12 – Year 7&8 Design Technology

Sunday 4/12 – 7:30am 2 hour Firewood Splitting Bee for those who are willing & able to help.  Please message Belinda if you are intending on being there. 

Week 6 Newsletter

Fri Nov 25 03:47pm

Kia ora. Hopefully you are all ok with me not doing a newsletter this week as we’ve just got back this afternoon from the Year 7&8 Coromandel camp. I’ll put out a full summary of both weeks 6 and 7 next Friday.  

A Sunday FYI/reminders alert will go out as usual on Sunday. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


South Wairarapa Schools Athletics Sports

Wed Nov 23 08:23pm

We are looking for a parent to supervise the Year 7 students and a parent to supervise the Year 8 students at Athletics this Friday.

If you are available to help please let Chelsea know. (chelsea@gladstone1.school.nz) 

Thank you

Touch Rugby on Thursday

Mon Nov 21 04:14pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45 on Thursday.

We need a parent to help with the Year 3 and 4 team this week please. We are not on duty so you will not need to ref. Please let Chelsea know if you are available to help out.

Week 5, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Nov 18 03:48pm

What an awesome week. Please find a link to the newsletter. Included are fair updates, assembly awards, athletics selections & other happenings from the the week. 


Please support those who support us: 




Week 5 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Touch rugby this afternoon has been cancelled.

Thu Nov 17 01:54pm

Please let the office know if there are any changes to bus arrangements.

Touch Rugby

Tue Nov 15 09:07pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45pm on Thursday.


Week 5 Reminders

Sun Nov 13 12:09pm

Thanks so much to all of you for the work you put into helping out with the fair. We all really appreciate it and know there was loads oh mahi going on in the background too. If you haven’t heard, the approximate total raised was $30,000 – that’s incredible.

We’re having a debrief/forward planning Kōrero as we think ahead to 2023.on Thursday evening. If anyone has thoughts/ideas/suggestions please email these through to principal@gladstone1.school.nz and we will share them at the hui. 


Monday 14/11 – FoGS Lunches (Suzy)

Tuesday 15/11 – Carterton Cluster Athletics (Y3-8 @ Carrington Park in Carterton; Y0-2 @ South End School in Carterton). Students travel from school by bus. Please wear school sports tops and black shorts. 

Wednesday 16/11 – Regional Tennis & CC Athletics PP. 

Thursday 17/11 – Ōnoke Gear List #1 Check & pack. Reminder that these things will not be coming home once checked. Link to the camp booklet including packing lists is below. 

Friday 18/11 – Y7&8 Design Tech #2

Ōnoke Camp BookletAthletics Day Letter Y3-8Junior Athletics Day Letter Y0-2

Week 4, Term 4 2022 Newsletter

Fri Nov 11 02:45pm

Kia ora. Please find our newsletter attached. Included are staffing and fair updates. 


Week 4, Term 4 2022

Touch rugby teams

Wed Nov 09 01:31pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45pm again tomorrow.


FoGS Fair Reminders – Mystery Bag Items due in tomorrow; Baking Fri/Sat am; Cut Flowers in named buckets with long stems Fri/Sat am.

Tue Nov 08 08:38pm

Week 4 Reminders

Sun Nov 06 10:59am

Kia ora koutou. Things are starting to get busy. Please keep an eye on our whānau calendar (either on the app or on our school website).  This is ‘lead up to Fair week’. 

Monday 7/11:  FoGS Lunches (Butler Whānau). 

Tuesday 8/11: FoGS Meeting @ School 6:30pm

Wednesday 9/11: Ōnoke (Y7&8) Tent Practice; Mystery Bag Items Due.

Friday 11/11: Ōnoke (Y7&8) Design Technology Starts; Fair Baking & Plants to school. 

Saturday 12/11: Scarecrow Fair. Thanks to those of you who have popped your name down to help out. The person overseeing each area/section will be in touch with you during the week to finalise timing, roles, responsibilities. 

Photos of the roster are below. The link to the online roster is also below. If you are having difficulty adding your name please look to see where the gaps are and email through your choice and Belinda will add your name to the roster (principal@gladstone1.school.nz). 



Scarecrow Fair Online Roster

This months events