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Haere Mai,
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We are an established country school with a family-friendly, community-minded team of students, whānau & staff. Gladstone School aims to provide a safe, nurturing, inclusive,  environment where all people are empowered to succeed.  We look forward to helping you connect with us.

Ngā manaakitanga.



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Red Traffic Light Settings

Sun Jan 23 12:09pm

Kia ora. As you will be aware the PM has announced this morning that we are moving to Red level settings this evening. 

We have put together a red level folder with information and advice for school at Red. Please make yourself familiar with this information. 

To help with this a very basic summary is below:

– No non-essential visitors on site. 

– Parents/caregivers must use the QR code when coming through the gates, and need to keep a 2m social distance (wait by the Gibson Hall pick up area and we will send children to you).

– Sign in using the vistab in the office if coming into school past the pick up point by Gibson Hall, parents/caregivers must wear a mask if meeting with staff. 

Masks for Y4 and up are compulsory (staff and students).

Assembly will need to be outdoors or not at all.

– Non-curriculum events ie. picnic limit to 100 with vaccine pass so it won’t be able to go ahead as we will be more than 100.

Camp: watch this space. Travel is permitted. See images below. We will make decisions about camp in the next couple of weeks. It is a bit early to make this decision yet.

Ventilation is compulsory, doors and windows open even when it’s cold, need to get a cross breeze through the classrooms.

Hand sanitiser at door entry points & using it is compulsory and we need to think through processes for being stringent with the kids using it.

Singing at school must take place outdoors. 

Drinking fountains: at all settings of the CPF, drinking fountains can be used. 

Food should be eaten outside at red. 

Further information will be provided in upcoming days. Red Level Guidance

Home, Gladstone School | Wairarapa New Zealand


Holiday Newsletter Update – 21/1/22

Fri Jan 21 02:30pm

Please see our holiday update linked below.

Holiday Update 21/1/22

School Bus Update

Tue Jan 18 03:46pm

Kia ora. Many of you are wondering what is happening with buses – as are we. Long story short, the Wairarapa Manager for GoBus has returned to the South Island and we are awaiting a replacement. 

In the mean time we are meeting with the national manager at the end of this week and hope to have pick up, drop off schedules as well as timings, available to share with you all as soon as possible. As soon as we have the information, we will pass it on. 

Unfortunately we don’t have any further information at this stage. We appreciate that it is frustrating and inconvenient. 

Fundraiser Diaries

Tue Jan 18 08:20am

Some of the diaries that were purchased at the end of last year are missing pages. They jump from January 17 to March 3rd. If you purchased a diary please check them.

Please email Chelsea at chelsea@gladstone1.school.nz by Friday if you notice any problems and we will organise to have the diaries reprinted.

Many thanks and our apologies for this inconvenience. 


Updated Website – our site has been updated and is now ready for use.

Mon Jan 17 03:28pm

Check it out at: www.gladstone1.school.nz

Schools/Kura at Orange Level

Fri Jan 14 01:27pm

Kia ora. We are leading up to the start of the 2022 school year. Our first newsletter will be going out on Friday the 21st of January.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon.  School starts on Wednesday the 2nd of February. 

This alert is to update you on expectations of school at ‘Orange’. We have put together a folder (click on the button at the end of this post) of resources for your information – these are also freely available on the MoE Website: https://www.education.govt.nz/covid-19/advice-for-schoolskura/covid-19-protection-framework-advice-for-schools-and-kura/orange/

Here is a summary of the information and expectations: 

If we are having non-curriculum events (assembly; tent city; community BBQ, Pet Day…) parents/caregivers/visitors need a vaccination pass to attend. 

If parents/caregivers are dropping off or picking up children before/after school they need to maintain a 2m physical distance and wear a mask – parents will still be asked to pick students up from beside Gibson Hall. 

If parents/caregivers are coming in to discuss their child’s learning, they cannot be asked to present a vaccination pass, however they do need to make an appointment via email, sign in and wear a mask. 

If parents/caregivers are volunteering in classrooms, they need to have a vaccination pass. 

School Lunches can resume – those helping will require a vaccination pass.Schools/Kura Guidance @ Orange Level

School Bus Service

Tue Jan 11 08:15am

Kia ora. Happy New Year. As you are all aware (hopefully), the Ministry of Education school bus provider has changed from Tranzit to GoBus. 

GoBus is in the process of organising new bus timetables and checking pick-up points for all of our school bus routes. As soon as we have details from GoBus, we will send them out to families. 

Please note that unless you have already been contacted directly by the school via email, you have approval for your child/ren to use the school bus service – if you are unsure, please contact Belinda. Families affected are those living in the main centres – Greytown, Carterton, Masterton.

Please also note that there will no longer be a bus coming out from Masterton in the morning or going in to Masterton in the afternoons. The end of the Te Kopi bus service is likely to be around the wastewater treatment plant – we will confirm turn around points as soon as we know. Families living along Manaia Road will need to meet the bus at the turn around point. 

Pool Caretaker Urgently Required

Mon Dec 20 09:47am

Kia ora. The wonderful Clint Anderson is finishing up as our pool caretaker now that his son, Jack has finished Y8. We are on the look out for someone who can oversee the pool. Please contact graham@gladstone1.school.nz to discuss hours involved. It may be a shared duties arrangement. 

Peter Pan production. Please find the link below

Fri Dec 17 12:10pm


Peter Pan 21

Final School Newsletter for 2021

Wed Dec 15 08:20pm

We thank you all for your continued, amazing support and wish you all a very resful, relaxing summer holiday.

Home, Gladstone School | Wairarapa New Zealand


Week 9, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Home, Gladstone School | Wairarapa New Zealand


Y8 & Prize-Giving Assembly. Starts today at 10:00am. If you would like to watch it live please log into our Gladstone School Facebook Page.

Wed Dec 15 08:30am

https://www.facebook.com/gladstoneschoolwairarapa/Should our wifi drop out, we will post a recording of the assembly on Facebook. We will also send out the recording via the app and add a link to this afternoons final newsletter for the year. 

Prize-Giving Assembly is on Wednesday the 15th.

Mon Dec 13 07:20pm

In some correspondance it says Wednesday the 14th – this is incorrect. The assembly is on the 15th of December, our last day. Apologies for any confustion this may have caused. 

Week 9, Term 4 Reminders

Sun Dec 12 12:51pm

Kia ora. We are down to the ‘business end of the term’. It is a short yet busy 3 days. Our final newsletter for the year will come out on Wednesday afternoon with prize recipient details, Y8 leavers photos and other important end of year acknowledgements & information.  Thank you for your understanding while staff organise and prepare events that are happening over the next 3 days. 

Monday 13th Dec: End of year student reports are going home with the eldest/only child. Enclosed in the envelopes are other important documents for your information (BoT Community Survey; Abel Tasman 2022 Y7&8 Camp Update; BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Reminders for Y4-8 students). 

Church Christmas Choir practice – 12:30 in the hall. 

Tuesday 14th Dec:  Cara Brown is re-filming her singing group performances at 9:00am. This is because we had a couple of students missing. 

Final whānau group token count. 

Lost property is being handed out. We have a lot of lost property and will post photos on our FB page of what we can’t find a home for. 

Y8 Leavers Dinner @ the Complex, 6pm. This is a limited, 50 person only event. Please make sure you wear a mask into the venue and social distance. 

Wednesday 15th Dec: Last day of the school year. Buses will be running at 12 noon.  School finishes at 12 noon. 

Y8 & Prize-Giving Assembly starts at 10:00am invited guests only.  If your child is receiving a prize and is not a Y7 or Y8, they will be collected from classrooms and invited over to the hall ready for the start of the event. The assembly will be live-streamed on our FB page. A link to the recording will be included in Wednesday’s newsletter. 

Updated Leavers Dinner and Prize-Giving Protocols are linked below. If you are involved in these events, please read the document.  If you are in attendance, you can collect your children to take home at the conclusion of the assembly. Please sign your children out at the office. We will send a runner to collect your children from class, please do not go into classrooms yourselves to collect them. 

Updated Y8 Leavers Dinner & Prize-Giving Assembly Protocols – Please Read If In Attendance

Week 8 Newsletter

Fri Dec 10 02:05pm

Kia ora. Our newsletter for this week is linked below. It contains information about student & staff farewells; a personal message from Whaea Micaela; student report information; assembly awards;  sports photos; school animal feeding roster; past pupil acknowledgements; holiday programme information and other things. Please take the time to read it. 

Many thanks. Week 8, Term 4 Newsletter

Holiday Chicken & Goat Feeding Roster

Final School Assembly – Tomorrow (Friday)

Thu Dec 09 11:32am

Reminder that we are having our final whole school assembly tomorrow. We will be farewelling students who are leaving (those not in Y8) and staff.  The assembly will be on Facebook Live as usual, starting at 9:30am. Should the wifi not play the game tomorrow, we will also record the assembly and upload it at the end. 

Unfortunately we can not have parents at this final assembly as we are still operating under Alert Level 2 protocols onsite until the 1st of January 2022, and we will be over the 100 person limit if we did have parents coming along. The school is exempt from number limits if we only have staff and students present. 

Prize giving assembly and the Year 8 farewells are happening on Wednesday the 15th, starting at 10am – invited guests only. 

Secondary School Achievements

Wed Dec 08 06:48am

If you have information on ex Gladstone School students secondary school leadership, academic, sporting or cultural achievement/recognition/award can you please email the details through to principal@gladstone1.school.nz. We would like to recognise these students in the newsletter. Many thanks. 

Week 7, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Fri Dec 03 01:24pm

Kia ora. Here is our newsletter for this week. It includes links to Peter Pan Production photos, information about end of year gifts, a FoGS thank you for the auction, Carterton Rotary presentations, Student assembly awards, Report explanation links and many other items of interest. 

Home, Gladstone School | Wairarapa New Zealand



Week 7, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Touch Rugby tomorrow

Wed Dec 01 04:04pm

We have our last touch rugby games tomorrow

3.40  Year 3/4 team are playing DPS on field 5 – meet Jacqui Wilkinson by the cone

3.40 Year 5/6 team are playing Kura Rua on field 7 – meet Mrs Douglas by the tent

4.50 Year 7/8 team are playing Whareama Rockets on Field 1- meet Clinton Anderson  or Mrs Douglas by the cone.

See you there.







MoE Letter to Whānau – Traffic Light Framework

Mon Nov 29 07:01pm

Kia ora koutou

I hope this email finds you safe and well.   Please see the following information sent through this evening from the Ministry of Education:

Schools will retain their existing COVID-19 settings until the end of the 2021 calendar year, although we recommend that schools in red areas encourage mask-wearing for staff and students in year 4 and above. The COVID-19 Protection Framework settings will come into effect for all schools from 1 January 2022.

New COVID-19 Protection (Traffic Light) Framework

You may have heard that everyone in Aotearoa will move to the new COVID-19 Traffic Light Framework on Friday 3 December. We will be moving to Orange.

Elimination and the alert levels have worked well, with New Zealand having the lowest numbers of cases and hospitalisations in the OECD. While controlled, Delta is in our communities and the strategy now focuses on minimising its impact. 

With 85% of eligible New Zealanders now fully vaccinated, and by mid-December it is expected to be approximately 90%, this allows a careful reopening while continuing to protect New Zealanders.

This means that we don’t have to change the way we are operating classes this year and everyone can continue to attend school onsite. 

For next year, we can confirm that everyone will continue to be back onsite for learning from the start of the school year, regardless of what setting under the new Traffic Light Framework we will be in (Red/Orange/Green). This is good news and means we can plan for a great 2022.

Health measures in place at school – This year and next, health, safety and wellbeing will continue to be a priority for us and the same public health measures you are very familiar with will remain in place:

good hygiene and cleaning
contact tracing systems in place
vaccination requirements for workers (paid and unpaid)
if you are sick, you must stay home and get tested
good ventilation.

And if we are at Red at any stage next year:  face coverings will be required at school when indoors for students and staff in years 4 – 13, we will ask that only essential visitors come onsite.

With all these measures in place, public health has confirmed the risk of infection remains low when at school, with households continuing to be where COVID-19 is spreading the most. As noted by Dr Caroline McElnay, Director of Public Health:

Our experience in New Zealand and overseas with COVID-19 shows that it does not affect children and teens in the same way it does adults. Children and teens don’t become as unwell if they do get infected, and they don’t tend to pass the virus on so much as adults when in a classroom setting.

Compared to other places, schools and early learning services are not environments where we have seen significant spread of COVID-19. Household members and work colleagues who are in close contact with people with COVID-19, are the most common sources of transmission.

However, if we do have someone confirmed with COVID-19 in our school, we have a plan in place to manage this and will contact you as soon as possible. 

If you’d like to learn more about the framework visit COVID-19 Protection Framework.

COVID Protection Framework – Key Things To Know For Schools

Auction Closes Soon – Last Bids Everyone.

Sun Nov 28 07:32pm

Thanks so much to everyone who has put in bids so far – your support is incredible.. Here’s the link to get to the action.
Gladstone School Auction

Week 6, Term 4 Newsletter 2021

Fri Nov 26 12:07pm

Please see the link below to our newsletter for this week. The newsletter includes information about the Scarecrow Raffle Winners; Auction; Assembly; Behaviour & Year 6-8 lunchtime swims.

Pack the Bus is visiting on Wednesday the 1st. Please send your unwrapped items to school on or before Wednesday. 

Week 6, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Touch Rugby tomorrow

Wed Nov 24 03:42pm

Touch Rugby games are on tomorrow.

Yr 3/4 Team @ 3.40 please meet Jacqui Wilkinson by the cones

Yr 5/6 Team @ 3.40 please meet Mrs Douglas by the cones

Yr 7/8 Team @ 4.40 please meet Piers Fuller by the cones (Try to be a little bit early if you can)


Trade Me Auctions for Gladstone School Closing Soon

Mon Nov 22 07:51am

2 hours to go on the big ticket TradeMe auction items for this year’s School fundraiser – ride on lawnmower and Kent fireplace up for grabs!! Know anyone that might be interested?

Kent Ruapehu Fire+Eco Flu Kit+Shield for Gladstone School Wairarapa RRP$4064 | Trade Me Marketplace

Cub Cadet LX547 Fundraiser for Gladstone School Wairarapa RRP$4799 | Trade Me Marketplace

Week 5, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Fri Nov 19 02:07pm

Kia ora. Please find this week’s newsletter linked below. It contains information about end of year events; Principal’s Outing; Staff Appointments & student accomplishments.  We thank you for taking the time to read it. 

Week 5, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Additional ‘Big Ticket’ Auction Items

Mon Nov 15 11:53am

These items have been listed on Trade Me. Please see the links below:

Log Fire, Flu Kit and Shield:

Kent Ruapehu Fire+Eco Flu Kit+Shield for Gladstone School Wairarapa RRP$4064 | Trade Me Marketplace

Ride On Lawnmower:
Cub Cadet LX547 Fundraiser for Gladstone School Wairarapa RRP$4799 | Trade Me Marketplace

Monster Auction Starts Today

Sat Nov 13 07:26am

The fair has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions, BUT get your auction groove on! Watch out for the opening of our Monster Online Auction – starts 12 noon today. Use the link below or scan the QR code to access our auction site (there is also a button to a PDF of the information below). 

Happy bidding everyone & HUGE thanks to all of our sponsors and donors, you all are simply awesome. Oh and share away – the more people we can reach, the better the result. https://www.32auctions.com/GladstoneSchoolMasterton
Monster Auction Links & QR Code

Week 4, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Fri Nov 12 12:15pm

Kia ora – here is our newsletter for this week. It includes information on vaccinations, the filming of our Kapa Haka performance; the 2022 Abel Tasman camp; organisation for the school athletics and many other things. Please take the time to read through the newsletter. Thanks very much. Team Gladdy. 

Week 4, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Gladstone School Fixed Term Teacher Aide, 2022

Thu Nov 11 04:01pm

We require an enthusiastic, experienced part time Teacher Aide to join our fantastic rural school team 9:00 – 12:30 Monday – Friday. The role will be to support one of our students with their learning. 

The suitable applicant must have proven ability in working with children coping with trauma. They must also have sound communication and collaboration skills. 

Application details are available by contacting the Principal, Belinda Bunny – principal@gladstone1.school.nz, 06 372 7601 or 0276 140 777.  We are hoping for this position to commence at the start of 2022.

Week 3, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Fri Nov 05 05:43pm


Week 3, Term 4 2021 Newsletter

Week 2, Term 4, 2021 Newsletter

Fri Oct 29 01:27pm

Kia ora. Here is our newsletter for this week. 
Week 2, Term 4, 2021 Newsletter

Community Scarecrow Drive

Fri Oct 29 09:53am

Advertising is amping up for the community scarecrow drive both in the Wairarapa Times Age and on More FM. What we need now are loads of awesome scarecrows out and about through our district. 

Scarecrow prizes:

Main prize (Supreme winner) = 2 nights accommodation at Riversdale for up to 10 people kindly donated by the Dick family and a hamper full of goodies kindly donated by Rival Wealth

Lucky winner drawn out of a hat prize = $100 Gladstone Inn voucher kindly donated by Gladstone Inn and family goodie bag.

Boxing Timber – Cricket Pitch

Thu Oct 28 11:01am

Mōrena. We have a wonderful team of dads who are due to dig out and lay the concrete for an artificial cricket pitch in the next couple of weeks. They are short of some boxing timber. If anyone has some that they could borrow for about 3 weeks please contact Nigel Tomlin on 027 486 5267. Many thanks.