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Week 8 Reminders

Sun Dec 04 12:53pm

We are about to embark on Week 8 of the term. A reminder that we finish at 12:30 on Thursday the 15th of December (buses will be running at this time).   There is a final school assembly on Friday at which we present leavers certificates to those students who are not in Year 8 and who will not be returning. If you haven’t let us know that your children are not returning, please do so, so that we can include them.  Parents are welcome to come to this assembly, it starts at 9:30am. 


Monday – BoT meeting 6pm

Tuesday – Regional Athletics. Any help running our food stall would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Belinda. 

Wednesday – Pack the Bus; End of Year Reports going home; Principal Outing (please contact Belinda if you child is coming and you can assist). 

Thursday – 2nd Year 3 & 6 transition visit. 

Friday – Final whole school assembly (9:30am)

Christmas Gift Ideas

Fri Dec 02 04:04pm

We have a few fantastic offers on to sell the last of our stock from the fair.  

Money raised is going toward Onoke camp costs so we really appreciate your support.

Offer 1
X3 bee wax wraps – comes in a range of beautiful designs and will make a perfect Christmas gift.  These are an awesome price as the company offered us a great deal – $25 per pack


Offer 2 
Bee wax Cheese bags – this were so popular when we ran the fundraiser earlier in the year and on fair day – $14 each 


Offer 3 
Environmentally friendly kitchen products: 
4x produce bags  – $10 
1x biodegradable scrub pad $3.50
Biodegradable dish cloth $$3.50
Biodegradable dish scrub $4.50
Biodegradable veggie scrub $4.50
1x large tote bag $8 

Packet of coloured silicone straws with cleaner $10 


All these products sold so well on fair day and will make a wonderful gift for friends and family. 

Please contact liz to place orders. 0278400700/

Week 7 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Dec 02 01:32pm

Kia ora. Please find this weeks newsletter linked below. In it you will find information about dates; new students; student toilet project; latest ANZ Histories kōrero (talk); school pool hire for the summer aka pool ‘keys’; assembly; camp; tennis tournaments; holiday programmes; raffle winners and more. 

Thanks to those who are able to spare a couple of hours on Sunday to help with our firewood working bee (7:30am – 9:30am). 

Week 7 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Touch Rugby

Wed Nov 30 08:30pm

Last games of touch for the term are tomorrow.

$10 will be added to your school account to cover the fees for the term.

Year 3/4 and 5/6 teams are playing at 3.45

Year 7/8 team playing at 4.45

See you there.

Regional Athletics Fundraiser – Next Tuesday

Wed Nov 30 11:47am

We have been offered a spot doing some sort of food fundraiser at the Regional Athletics next Tuesday. We thought that any profits could go towards the syndicate camps for next year. Are there any parents and/or secondary students who would be willing and able to run the stall for the day? Please get in touch with Belinda – if able and we will work out a plan.   

We totally understand just how busy it is at the moment so won’t be asking for baking contributions, rather we will do things that can be put together on the day. Fernridge are also doing a stall and having sausages + ice blocks so we will try and do something different if possible. 

Thinking Ahead to Christmas

Mon Nov 28 05:09pm

Please remind your children that they are not allowed to bring candy canes, sweets, chocolates or anything of this nature to school – including inside Christmas cards for their friends. Please organise this outside of school if needed. 

Please organise the exchange of any secret-santa type gifting between friends at home. 

Thank you in advance for your help with this. 

As a whānau you may wish to contribute a gift for the ‘Pack the Bus’ collection happening on Wednesday the 7th of December. 

Week 7 Reminders

Sun Nov 27 01:13pm

Kia ora. Congratulations to these lucky winners who have won the following prizes in the recently drawn Scarecrow Raffle:

1st Prize (Esther Bunning Portrait Session) – Josephine Buscher (ticket sold by Elsie Patrick)

2nd Prize (Load of Firewood) – Kate Jones (ticket sold by Kyno Gleeson)

3rd Prize (Wool Blanket) – Mike @ (ticket sold by Aidan King)

4th Prize (Gladstone Inn Vouchers) – Mitch Blackwood (ticket sold by Isla Blackwood)

5th Prize (Pony Trek) – Kat Harris (ticket sold by Aiden & Lucy Harris)

The most number of tickets sold was by Aidan King (86) followed by the Mason family (70).

Please find a list of reminders for this coming week. 

Tuesday 29/11 – 2023 transition afternoon. Students from Years 3 & 6 will be spending the afternoon in their 2023 syndicate as part of our transition process. 

Friday 2/12 – Year 7&8 Design Technology

Sunday 4/12 – 7:30am 2 hour Firewood Splitting Bee for those who are willing & able to help.  Please message Belinda if you are intending on being there. 

Week 6 Newsletter

Fri Nov 25 03:47pm

Kia ora. Hopefully you are all ok with me not doing a newsletter this week as we’ve just got back this afternoon from the Year 7&8 Coromandel camp. I’ll put out a full summary of both weeks 6 and 7 next Friday.  

A Sunday FYI/reminders alert will go out as usual on Sunday. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


South Wairarapa Schools Athletics Sports

Wed Nov 23 08:23pm

We are looking for a parent to supervise the Year 7 students and a parent to supervise the Year 8 students at Athletics this Friday.

If you are available to help please let Chelsea know. ( 

Thank you

Touch Rugby on Thursday

Mon Nov 21 04:14pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45 on Thursday.

We need a parent to help with the Year 3 and 4 team this week please. We are not on duty so you will not need to ref. Please let Chelsea know if you are available to help out.

Week 5, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Nov 18 03:48pm

What an awesome week. Please find a link to the newsletter. Included are fair updates, assembly awards, athletics selections & other happenings from the the week. 


Please support those who support us: 




Week 5 Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Touch rugby this afternoon has been cancelled.

Thu Nov 17 01:54pm

Please let the office know if there are any changes to bus arrangements.

Touch Rugby

Tue Nov 15 09:07pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45pm on Thursday.


Week 5 Reminders

Sun Nov 13 12:09pm

Thanks so much to all of you for the work you put into helping out with the fair. We all really appreciate it and know there was loads oh mahi going on in the background too. If you haven’t heard, the approximate total raised was $30,000 – that’s incredible.

We’re having a debrief/forward planning Kōrero as we think ahead to 2023.on Thursday evening. If anyone has thoughts/ideas/suggestions please email these through to and we will share them at the hui. 


Monday 14/11 – FoGS Lunches (Suzy)

Tuesday 15/11 – Carterton Cluster Athletics (Y3-8 @ Carrington Park in Carterton; Y0-2 @ South End School in Carterton). Students travel from school by bus. Please wear school sports tops and black shorts. 

Wednesday 16/11 – Regional Tennis & CC Athletics PP. 

Thursday 17/11 – Ōnoke Gear List #1 Check & pack. Reminder that these things will not be coming home once checked. Link to the camp booklet including packing lists is below. 

Friday 18/11 – Y7&8 Design Tech #2

Ōnoke Camp BookletAthletics Day Letter Y3-8Junior Athletics Day Letter Y0-2

Week 4, Term 4 2022 Newsletter

Fri Nov 11 02:45pm

Kia ora. Please find our newsletter attached. Included are staffing and fair updates. 


Week 4, Term 4 2022

Touch rugby teams

Wed Nov 09 01:31pm

Both Year 5 and 6 teams are playing at 3.45pm again tomorrow.


FoGS Fair Reminders – Mystery Bag Items due in tomorrow; Baking Fri/Sat am; Cut Flowers in named buckets with long stems Fri/Sat am.

Tue Nov 08 08:38pm

Week 4 Reminders

Sun Nov 06 10:59am

Kia ora koutou. Things are starting to get busy. Please keep an eye on our whānau calendar (either on the app or on our school website).  This is ‘lead up to Fair week’. 

Monday 7/11:  FoGS Lunches (Butler Whānau). 

Tuesday 8/11: FoGS Meeting @ School 6:30pm

Wednesday 9/11: Ōnoke (Y7&8) Tent Practice; Mystery Bag Items Due.

Friday 11/11: Ōnoke (Y7&8) Design Technology Starts; Fair Baking & Plants to school. 

Saturday 12/11: Scarecrow Fair. Thanks to those of you who have popped your name down to help out. The person overseeing each area/section will be in touch with you during the week to finalise timing, roles, responsibilities. 

Photos of the roster are below. The link to the online roster is also below. If you are having difficulty adding your name please look to see where the gaps are and email through your choice and Belinda will add your name to the roster ( 



Scarecrow Fair Online Roster

W3, T4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Nov 04 06:14pm

Please find this weeks newsletter linked below. Thanks to everyone that came along to school this afteroon, it was a lovely way to spend time together. Have a great weekend. 


Week 3, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

School Photo Ordering Instructions from Belinda Pratt

Fri Nov 04 10:36am

View PDFPlease click on the button above to access a PDF copy of the instructions from Belinda Pratt. 

Reminder – Gumboot Day today, raising money for ‘I Am Hope’ to offer free counselling for kids. Also Greats, Grands, SP, plates to the hall.

Fri Nov 04 07:23am

Touch rugby

Tue Nov 01 06:09pm

Both Year 5 and 6 Touch Rugby teams are playing at the earlier time of 3.45 this week.


Tue Nov 01 09:24am

Calling all Parents and Families. Our Annual School Fair is Saturday November 12th. Listed below are all the areas we need your help and participation in for it to be a great success. 

Scarecrows:  Get your Scarecrows out and ready for the publicized scarecrow drive, and competition with great prizes. 

Any questions contact John Strang ph: 0210785972

Mystery Bag: Mystery Bag is a very popular stall at the Scarecrow Fair. It is a Lucky Dip type game which attracts both adults and children to try their luck – The stall sells out of bags every year!

We ask that each family donate TWO items towards the stall. One Adult friendly item e.g. Jams, Chutneys, Wine, soaps, sauces And One Child friendly item e.g. Small toys, treats, stickers.

Please send your two items in the bags sent home on Friday to the school office by Wednesday 9th November.

Plants: We need potted plants for our plant stall. Vegetable plants sell well along with garden plants. All plants to be dropped to Gibson Hall on Friday 11th. If you need potting mix or small pots please contact Kat Wildy ph: 0224257760

Garage Sale, White Elephant , Bric a Brac and Books : NO ELECTRICAL GOODS. NO BROKEN ITEMS.   Clear out your cupboards and bring in your surplus items that may become someone else’s treasure…… everything from china to kids’ toys, including books for all ages.  Please only bring in items that are in good condition – that you would purchase yourself from a second-hand store. Please put on the hall stage before Friday 11th. Any queries contact Anna Bargh 0272138652

Carry bags/ Boxes: Used in many areas of the school fair in the plants / cakes / white elephant, so recycle yours and bring them in. Put on school stage.

Cakes, Biscuits, loaves, Slices , Fudge: Our Fantastic Cake Stall needs your baking. All baking can be dropped to the School Hall on Friday 11th November, or first thing on Saturday 12th (Before 9am).  Last year there was not enough baking and we sold out very quickly. 

We have sent home cardboard boxes to put your baking in- Please collect extra boxes from the office. 

Produce: Fresh eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Honey, Lemons, Walnuts, Bundles of Rhubarb, Jam. All sell well at our Produce stall – Please drop off to the hall on Friday 12th

Auction: The generosity of families and businesses astounds us every year, and this is a great fundraiser for our school.  We would love to hear from anyone who has offers of Scarecrow Fair Auction items eg bach/holiday house stays, services, goods eg wine, oil, vouchers etc.  Anything will be gratefully received.  

Raffle: Thanks to all families that have sold scarecrow raffle tickets.  This has been a successful start to the 2022 Scarecrow fundraising.  Please return any remaining tickets and money to the school office ASAP next week

Parent Roster Your Time and Participation on the Day: We really appreciate the support of school families, which ensures that the Scarecrow’s Big Day Out will be a success.  We ask that each family put their name down to help in some way from setting up Friday, to manning a stall or packing up afterwards.  Please keep an eye out for a link to the Scarecrow’s helper’s list in the next school newsletter and enter your name to indicate your availability.  Alternatively, you can e-mail Belinda  to volunteer.  Thank you!


Week 3 FYI’s & Back Carpark Out Of Action Tomorrow (Monday)

Sun Oct 30 01:41pm

Kia ora below are some key FYI’s. Please do not park in the back carpark tomorrow morning (Monday 31/10). Kieran Oliver’s crew are grading, filling pot holes and resurfacing the area. Depending on how they go, it may be available in the afternoon – we will have cones out if it’s not. 

Monday – Trunk or treat 4:40pm @ the church. 

Tuesday – Ruamahanga Y5&6 student’s shop day. Students are invited to bring along a little bit of money to spend at the stalls. 


Wednesday – 8:00 or 5:00 Ōnoke Camp Parent Helper meeting (form signing & RAMS etc). 

Thursday – Cricket World Cup (Mr Brown has notified those playing); St Matt’s Lion King pm for those Y6/7/8’s not going to cricket. 

Friday – Gumboot Day (gold coin for mental health); Greats, Grands & Special People afternoon, 1:30pm (families to bring a plate for afternoon tea please). 


Week 2, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Oct 28 04:45pm

Kia ora whānau. Please find our newsletter for this week attached. There is quite a bit of information enclosed and as always we are appreciative of you setting aside a bit of time to read it and keep up to date with what’s happening.  Have a great weekend. 


Week 2, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Reminder: Friday Sausages & Ice Blocks continue throughout Term 4

Fri Oct 28 07:49am

Touch Rugby

Thu Oct 27 01:10pm

Students were given notices yesterday with details about Touch rugby this term. Just a reminder about the change of location – games are being played at the Pioneer Rugby grounds on Columbo Road this term.

See you at the games this afternoon.

Adult Cardio Tennis @ The Complex

Thu Oct 27 01:00pm

Cardio tennis is starting at the complex on Friday mornings at 8.30am. Anyone interested or have any questions please contact Paula Dick on 0212522338. Thank you

Transfer Roller – Top Field

Tue Oct 25 12:45pm

We wondered if any local farmers were rolling paddocks at the moment around our local area.  We have kids cricket games scheduled to be played here at Gladstone and need our top field rolled – this is an exciting new thing now that we have a cricket pitch. We think it would take about 30 mins for a tractor.  If anyone knows of anyone who would/could do the rolling for us this week please contact Belinda 0276140777 or

Scarecrow Fair Helpers Roster

Tue Oct 25 09:12am

Mōrena – just in case you missed it in Friday’s newsletter, here is the link to the roster. We need as much help as possible so would really appreciate families putting one person’s name down to help. 

Fair Roster Sign Up Sheet

Week 2 Reminders

Mon Oct 24 01:29pm

Please complete our very quick 1 minute survey about Pet Day being in the morning or the afternoon. 

Pet Day Survey

Hats are compulsory from tomorrow onwards. If students don’t have their school hats they will need to sit in the shade during break and lunchtimes. 

Sunscreen – please screen up your kids before they come to school. Additional sunscreen is available outside the school office. 

FoGS lunches are on tomorrow (Tuesday) – the Ashby whānau are on duty. 

School Photos are on Thursday (27th Oct). 

Fair baking boxes and mystery bag bags are coming home on Friday. 


Touch Rugby

Fri Oct 21 02:34pm

Touch Rubgy starts next Thursday 27 October.

Year 3 and 4 Team – games are at 3.45pm

Year 5 and 6 Teams – games are at 4.15pm

Year 7 and 8 Team – games are at 4.45pm

Venue – there may be a change to the venue, this is still to be confirmed by the organisers. We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Any questions please ask Chelsea Douglas

Week 1, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Fri Oct 21 02:08pm

Wow what a massive week. Thanks everyone for a productive scarecrow making and pet day. There is alot of information in this weeks newsletter, please take time over the long weekend to read through it. Have an enjoyable Labour Weekend, see you all on Tuesday. 

Congratulations to all of our championship cup winners: Longbush Cup for best preschool lamb – Fletcher Corkill; EM & JM Graves Cup for Championship Lamb – Jacob Cubitt; Henderson Cup for Champion Calf – Harvey James; Patricia Reid Cup for Championship Horse/Pony – Edith Mason; McKenzie Cup for Champion Dog – Cooper Brady; Bodle Cup for Most Points Junior – Arie Butler & Jacob Cubitt; McKeown Cup for Most Points Senior – Harvey James & Edith Mason.

Week 1, Term 4 Newsletter 2022

Pet Day Reminders – Friday 21st October.

Wed Oct 19 09:42am

Staff & students go to class at 8:55 to take the roll & do notices. Everyone then goes outside to meet in front of the office for the welcome @ 9:30. 

Tamariki making sand trays then go to the hall. Pet people to their pets. If kids have sand tray gear when they arrive at school, take this to the hall and leave on the side so it’s out of the way and ready.  When tamariki are finished sand trays they can rove around the pets and look at what is going on outside. 

Students can buy things from the Property Brokers sausage sizzle and the coffee cart if their parents/caregivers are happy with this. It is recommended that students bring their normal school lunches as well. 

Remind students to stay for prize giving at the end especially if they get ribbons.  Also sand trays need to go home at the end of the day.  

If students are leaving early ie. at lunch time, they need to sign themselves off with Mrs Bunny outside the office as Mrs Norman will be busy working out pet day points.


Reminder for pies on Thursday

Wed Oct 19 09:27am

Please provide bags or chilly bins to pack the pies in.

Anybody available to help?? We have over 900 pies coming so would really appreciate 6-8 helpers to sort the orders.  Please let Liz Mason know if you are able to lend a hand (Liz – 027 840 0700). 

Collection of pies is after 1pm on Thursday.  If you are not available to pick up your pies please let the office know so we can arrange to put them in the fridge or freezer. 

Ahi Kaa – Place of whānau connection.

Mon Oct 17 09:50am

It was lovely to welcome our new tamariki and their whānau to our kura this morning. If your whānau have joined Parakawhara (Gladstone) School during the year and haven’t yet added a rock to our Ahi Kaa, please feel encouraged to do so.  Some rocks are painted with the whānau name, others are natural. 


Tennis Notice: – Coaching & Wairarapa Primary Schools Tournament Details

Sun Oct 16 04:03pm

– Gladstone junior coaching starts this week. Mondays & Thursdays 3.30-6pm & complex.
Email coming out from coach Jacob Emery Sunday evening with groups & times.

– Wairarapa primary schools tennis tournament is this Tues & Weds. 18/19 October
Tues: year 7/8s. Weds: Year 6&below. Masterton Tennis Courts.
Warmup from 8am, 8.30am briefing, 8.45am matches start.
Wear Gladstone school tops with black shorts/skirt.
Parents responsible for own children at this event

Start of school for Term 4 reminders

Sun Oct 16 02:12pm

It’s a hat term: Y0-6 wear yellow cricket-style hats and Y7-8 wear black bucket hats. Please bring named hats along tomorrow.  Please see the newsletter that went out on Friday for more details on what’s happening this term.


Ka pai to mahi (great work) and Kia Ora (thank you) to everyone who was able to make it along to the working bee this morning. Your time, energy and contributions with gear, diesel etc is all very much appreciated


Holiday Newsletter Update – 14/10/22

Fri Oct 14 03:26pm

Kia ora e te whānau o te kura o Parakawhara (hello friends & family of Gladstone School). We hope your tamariki have managed to rest up and enjoy the holiday break. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on Monday for the start of Term 4. This is a quick newsletter update with some important FYI’s and reminders of things happening throughout the term.


Holiday Update 14/10/22


Spring Working Bee – Sunday 16th October 10am-12.

Mon Oct 10 12:06pm

We are splitting up some firewood on Sunday for the FoGS raffle. Please text Belinda (0276140777) if you are planning to come and if you have a log splitter. There is a bit of weed eating to do around the place too if you can’t help with the wood splitting but fancy coming along.  Enjoy the sunshine!

Week 10, Term 3 Newsletter 2022.

Fri Sep 30 02:19pm

Apologies, the newsletter is a PDF this week as we had issues logging onto our newsletter site. Happy school holidays. 

Week 10, Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Tennis Competition entries close today. Let Mr Brown know ASAP if you want to enter students

Fri Sep 30 01:20pm

Primary Schools Tennis Tournament

Year 7/8 = Tuesday 18th October

Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 = Wednesday 19th October  (postponement day Thurs 20 Oct).

Entries close Friday 30th September 2022.

Venue & Time: Masterton Tennis Centre, Dixon St, Masterton

Arrive 8:30am for 9.00am start. Finish approx. 4.00pm

$25.00 per player

The winner and runner-up in Yr7&8, and Year 6U grade will be able to represent the Wairarapa, and their school, at the Tennis Central Regional Primary School Tournament Weds 16th November 2022 in Palmerston North.

Parents are responsible for their child on the day as this is not a school run event.

Email/Contact Mr Brown if you wish to enter your child.

Email Reply

WTA poster

Touch Rugby

Fri Sep 30 08:56am

We are looking for a few more players for the Year 3 and 4 team and the Year 7 and 8 team. Please let Chelsea know today if your child is keen.


Please contact the office…

Thu Sep 29 11:36am

…if your child is in Kourarau (Y1-3) and is staying at school this afternoon ie. not going home before the disco.  This is so we can mark them off the bus/carline lists. 

Many thanks. 

WTA Tennis comp. reminder, as entries due tomorrow. Info below & let Mr Brown know before the end of term, 30th Sept, for entries.

Thu Sep 29 11:09am

Primary Schools Tennis Tournament

Year 7/8 = Tuesday 18th October

Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 = Wednesday 19th October  (postponement day Thurs 20 Oct).

Entries close Friday 30th September 2022.

Venue & Time: Masterton Tennis Centre, Dixon St, Masterton

Arrive 8:30am for 9.00am start. Finish approx. 4.00pm

$25.00 per player

The winner and runner-up in Yr7&8, and Year 6U grade will be able to represent the Wairarapa, and their school, at the Tennis Central Regional Primary School Tournament Weds 16th November 2022 in Palmerston North.

Parents are responsible for their child on the day as this is not a school run event.

Email/Contact Mr Brown if you wish to enter your child.

Email Reply

WTA poster

Buses leaving now. Longbus in 5. Thanks for your patience.

Wed Sep 28 03:16pm

Buses are running late.

Wed Sep 28 03:10pm

We are waiting for the Year 7&8’s to get back from their activities day. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will send an alert when the buses leave school. 

School Disco Reminder – $5 on the day to pay at the door – snacks included (sorry I had this wrong)

Tue Sep 27 03:01pm

We have asked tamariki to check tonight if they are coming to the 80’s themed school disco on Thursday afternoon/evening. To make things a little more streamlined, please just bring $5 on the day to pay at the door – snacks included (sorry I had this wrong) We will have water available to drink. 

Times: 3:30 – 4:30 Year 1-3. Junior students are able to stay at school and get changed here before the disco. 

5:00 – 6:00 Year 4-8. 

If you get the chance to pop in to Ruamahanga and add your thoughts to the consultation focuses, please do so either after dropping your children off or before you pick them up. Alternatively you can add your thoughts online by using this link. 

Term 3 2022 Curriculum Consultation

Touch Rugby – Term 4

Tue Sep 27 12:56pm

Please email Mrs Douglas if your child is keen to play Touch Rugby next term. (

Teams will be entered on Friday so please let me know before then so that we can enter the correct number of teams. If you let me know after Friday you may miss out as the teams may already be full.

If you are available to coach, please let Chelsea know.

Games will be played on Thursdays after school. Practices are usually during a lunchtime. Games will be played at the sports fields behind the netball courts on Colombo Road in Masterton.

Year 3 and 4 – games are at 3.45pm

Year 5 and 6 – games are at 4.15pm

Years 7 and 8 – games are at 4.45pm


Reminder – Pie Orders Due Today. Please send any last minute orders through via email.

Tue Sep 27 08:25am


Reminder – Gladstone Junior Tennis

Mon Sep 26 06:43pm

Any juniors keen on tennis coaching &/or Interclub, head along tomorrow to the Gladstone tennis taster/open day 3.30pm at the complex.
Tennis games, assess levels for groups, meet coach, and enjoy the sausage sizzle. No cost for tomorrow.
Junior interclub team entries also close this Friday (30th Sept).

Tennis Club Sign Up Form


Community Curriculum Consultation – Updated Form

Fri Sep 23 06:20pm

Apologies. We have now fixed the issues with being able to comment in the boxes. Please find a link to the updated consultation document. You are also able to comment in person next Thursday evening. 

2022 Curriculum Consultation Document

Week 9, Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Fri Sep 23 03:40pm

Kia ora. Please find our newsletter for this week linked below. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it over the weekend, there are some important FYI’s and acknowledgements enclosed. 


Week 9, Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Updated reminders for the next few weeks.

Thu Sep 22 05:46pm

Public Holiday:  Monday 26th September. School closed. 

Kapa Haka Festival: Wednesday 28th September. Notices coming home today (22/9/22). 

Mid Winter Disco: Thurs 29th September. Year 1-3, 3:30pm – 4:30pm.  Year 4-8 5:00pm – 6:00pm. Tamariki can bring money to purchase sweets and or popcorn. 

Consultation: Thurs 29th September. Visit Ruamahanga prior to the end of each disco slot to add your thoughts about the following consultation topics – Camps – cost, location, length of time, progression as students move through the school. ANZ HIstories Curriculum – local stories you would like us teaching students. Health Curriculum – advising you on the content & delivery of the health curriculum. Sunsmart Policy – a review of our current policy. This can also be done online (see newsletter for the link). 

FoGS Fair Planning Meeting: In the staff room at 6pm on Thursday the 29th of September. 

End of Term 3: Friday 30th September.

Firewood Ringing & Splitting Working Bee: Sunday 16th October 10am – 12noon.  BYO chainsaws and splitters. This wood is being used for the Scarecrow Fair Raffle. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. 

Start of Term 4: Monday 17th October. 

Scarecrow Making: Wednesday 19th October. 1st & 2nd block Kourarau; 3rd Block Ruamahanga + into lunch time if needed, or start a bit earlier if Kourarau are finished. Afternoon Ōnoke. Staff will liaise with parents if help is needed.

Pet Day: Friday 21st October. Forms coming home later this week. 

Labour Day: Monday 24th October. School closed. 

New School Photos Date: Thursday 27th October (Week 2, Term 4). 

Scarecrow Fair: Saturday 12th November.

Gladdy’s Got Talent & New School Photos Date

Wed Sep 21 03:46pm

Kia ora. As we worked out last night, the pick up time for students at the conclusion of Gladdy’s Got Talent is closer to 8:30pm. You are welcome to wait in the staff room or in classrooms – especially given the wet weather. 

School Photos will now be taken on Thursday the 27th of October – Week 2, Term 4. This has been updated on the Whānau Calendar. 

Lost Property is hanging outside the staff room. Please have a look and take it home if anything belongs to your whānau. Sorry it all got wet overnight so we have just left it out there. We will be washing and drying any remaining items at the end of the week before taking to the 2nd hand shop. 

School Photos Postponed – New date TBA

Wed Sep 21 07:54am

Reminder – School photos are being taken tomorrow (Wednesday 21st Sept) by Belinda Pratt.

Tue Sep 20 05:22pm

After School Pick Up – Carline

Tue Sep 20 09:02am

Mōrena. Can we please have whānau collecting tamariki from inside the school gates at the end of the day. If you are wanting to catch up with other caregivers, please feel welcome to chat inside our kura’s  gates. We have had a number of close calls with students running off from their caregivers and over to parked cars when other cars and buses are coming around the corner from the new car park. Please also be mindful of your speed. Thanks very much for your help with this. 

Gladstone Tennis Club Term 4

Mon Sep 19 06:01pm

Gladstone tennis club is excited to offer for Term 4 tennis lessons for all ages and levels. Coaching held at Gladstone Tennis courts, and with qualified tennis coach.

Small group sizes to allow for more intensive coaching, and faster development for players.

Coaching starts Week 1 Term 4 – Mondays & Thursdays.

Interclub team entries now open, & entries close next Frid 30th Sept, so we need to confirm teams in next 2 weeks.

N.B. Entry level interclub (Beginners) has now changed to Tuesdays, instead of Fridays, to assist those families also playing Friday kiwi cricket.

Please fill out google form below  if interest in coaching & interclub.

All juniors please come along to our tennis taster next Tuesday 27th September 3.30-5pm for some fun tennis games, assess levels, meet the coach, and enjoy Sausage Sizzle. NO COSTSign Up Form




Mon Sep 19 03:57pm

All players in years 7 & 8 that are interested in playing in the Wellington Regional Baseball Competition on Sundays, come to our pre-season meeting and training, Friday September 23rd from 4 to 6pm on the Kuranui College baseball diamonds.  If it’s raining we will be in the Kuranui College gym.  There are gloves available to borrow if you don’t have one.  Please register your interest to  If you are unable to attend, but would like to be considered please let us know.

Week 8 Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Fri Sep 16 12:23pm

Please find our newsletter for this week linked below. There is a lot of important information enclosed, please take time over the weekend to have a look and keep up to date. 


Week 8, Term 3 Newsletter 2022

FYI From the MoE re. COVID-19 Protection Framework being removed from 11:59pm tonight.

Mon Sep 12 06:04pm

Outlined below are the changes which take effect from 11.59pm tonight (12 September):

·      Household contacts of COVID-19 cases will no longer need to isolate, but instead should undertake a RAT test every day for 5 days. This change will help to alleviate some of the pressure I know you are feeling on teaching and staff numbers. It will also mean that children and young people who are asymptomatic household contacts of confirmed cases will be able to attend school in person, including for assessments and national end of year exams.

·      Mask wearing is no longer strongly recommended.

Gladdy’s Got Talent FYI’s

Mon Sep 12 05:31pm

– The show runs for approximately 1.5 hours. 

– The show starts at 6:30pm. It will finish at approx 8:00pm

– Students are expected to be at all 3 shows. If students are feeling very tired, they can stay at home for a sleep in the next day if you are able to.  

– When dropping students off please send them to their classrooms between 5:30pm and 6:00pm at the latest. 

– Students will need to be collected from their classrooms at approximately 8:00pm at the conclusion of the show. We will not be sending students out to the carpark. 

– Tickets need to be ordered by contacting the school office. 

– There will be a gold coin donation at the door. 

– For any costume or other issues/questions… please contact your child’s syndicate leader. 

12/9/22- Reminders for the next few weeks & lost property photos.

Mon Sep 12 03:35pm

FYI please find a link to a list of reminders for things that are happening over the next few weeks. A paper copy is also coming home this afternoon. 

A reminder too that I (Belinda) am away in Christchurch from Tuesday – Friday this week. Please contact the school office or Graham Brown –

12/9/22 Reminders

Lost Property Photos – Please email the office if any of these items might belong to your children.





Week 7 Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Fri Sep 09 05:06pm

Please find our newsletter for this week linked below. 


Week 7 Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Gladdy’s Got Talent – Reminder from Friday’s Newsletter

Wed Sep 07 05:16pm

Classes are in the midst of ‘Gladdy’s Got Talent’ practices and we are pleased to announce that tickets can now be ordered from Kirstan (we will be accepting donations at the door when you arrive for the performance). To begin with, each family can order 5 tickets. We will also have a wait-list for those families wanting more than 5 tickets. Extra tickets will then be re-allocated to those on the waitlist. To order your tickets, please email or phone 06 372 7601.

Please note, there is a dress rehearsal on Tuesday the 20th @ 9:30am for anyone that can’t make an evening performance. 

School Photos – Wednesday 21st September (Week 9)

Wed Sep 07 12:55pm

Please find details of the upcoming school photos. We will be taking year group photos as well. If you would like to book sibling photos please use the link provided by Belinda Pratt below. 

Parents can book sibling photos using this link.

Reminder: Baking contributions to school please tomorrow (Thursday) for the next quiz night fundraiser.

Wed Sep 07 12:48pm


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